Two fully CG backgrounds were needed to complete these shots. Initial versions were based on 3d assets but this was superseded by a fully painted matte image from a location shoot. the final anamorphic matte was reprojected onto a combination of cards and low-poly geo. Final comp added in movement, wind grass etc.

Created Grayscale Cloud maps in Photoshop and mapped spherically in NUKE. City lights maps created in photoshop at high resolution and also mapped/ Tiled in NUKE. Worked closely with environment TDs to achieve the best results for height mapped point clouds. Also worked closely with VFX supervisors on concept developments/ look development.

Wrath of the Titans

Interior Temple:

I worked on this shot with several artists. Mainly involved with the layering up of various texture layers painted in Photoshop/ adding distress/ water staining. Lighting passes from Maya renders were used as overlays to enhance the luminosity effects of direct sunlight. Models were supplied from assets and projects were carried out in maya.
Final pass included extra colour details/ metal shields/ swords etc added by Marco Genovesi  

Exterior Temple:
I made a concept in 2D and 3D for this shot. When final 3D layout was approved I made some lighting passes(ambient. direct/ bounce) in mental ray and used these to enhance my 2D Matte Paint. Projected in Nuke.

Pirates of the Caribean:
Concept was required of the Spanish fort. Once 2D concept was approved then I modelled a rough 3D element and rendered out various light passed to aid the DMP process.

Harry Potter Part 2:
Plate had been re-timed in order to slow the actors down to look like giants. this created ghosting on the frames and it was decided to replace the background completely. Asset of the bridge was painted over with Projections in nuke onto simple geo modified from original bridge assets. an number of shots required this procedure.

Man of Steel:

Concept designs for energy pipe FX and layout/ animation frames for history of Krypton sequence.